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Tip Toey Joey

Parky Sandals - TAPIOCA

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The new Tip Toey Joey sandal design is roomy, with the perfect amount of space for a little one’s toes to be confortable in their natural position – straight and activated. This is specially important for the big toe, which is essential for helping first walkers develop a natural gait while finding their balance. FreetoGrow™ sandals are non-restrictive, helping support the natural growth and development of Strong muscles and bones. Tip Toey Joeys have no arch support and are specially designed with minimal padding and a flat base – no heels – to let the feet and toes in their natural position. The more the foot feels where it treads, the more active its connection with the brain, stimulating the development of the baby’s balance and proprioception.


• Original Stretch&Stay™ helps getting the shoes on, holds shoes in place and prevents it from slipping out. • Made of extra soft leather for the natural movement and for the still in formation little feet’s healthy development. • With cushioned edges and leather lining that allows breathing, it absorbs perspiration and keeps the feet dry. Fresh in summer and warm in the winter. • Leather made according to REACH Regulation. • The insole is made of natural rubber and lined leather. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and with memory effect that returns to the original form after use it. • The Flex&Grip™ sole is flexible and non-slip. Protects while giving that "barefoot feeling", important to improve the balance and confidence of baby's first steps. • With a Velcro closure that helps to get the shoes on and adjust them to the baby’s little feet. • Natural rubber full sole, ThintoFeel™ with minimal padding and a flat base – no heels - to stimulate the development of the baby’s balance and proprioception. • Resistant rubber welt. • FreetoGrow™ design patent pending.



Originals are made with leather and a rubber sole. Use a damp cloth and mild soap – do not use water, do not put in the washing machine. Dry in shade.

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